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Make documentation part of your development workflow with simplified processes that automate building, versioning, and hosting of your docs.

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A terminal executing Git commands to build multiple versions of documentation

Docs as code

Write documentation without changing your workflow or your tools. Use your favorite editor and commit changes using version control.

Fully automated

Automatically release your documentation with every commit, and preview documentation changes with every pull request.

Ship docs fast

Serve documentation publicly or privately, manage multiple releases of your product with versions, and search across projects with integrated search. Focus on your docs, not on managing infrastructure.


Multiple builders

Integrated support for Sphinx, MkDocs, and Jupyter Book. Use what works best for your project.

Versioned docs

Match your product release cycle with multiple versions of your docs. Automatically build versions from any branch or tag.

Build constantly

Preview every pull request, and build with every commit. Keep your docs up to date, automatically.

Integrated search

Help your users find what the need with integrated search across all your projects and versions.

Private cloning Paid plan feature

Clone private repositories using a connected GitHub, GitLab, or Bitbucket account.

Authentication Paid plan feature

Control who has access to your documentation with integrated authentation.

Whenever you push code, we automatically build and host your documentation. Get your docs online in 5 minutes.

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Read the Docs Tutorial

Set up your first project using one of our repository templates. This is the easiest way to try using Read the Docs.

Getting Started with Sphinx

Build your first documentation project using the Sphinx documentation engine.

Read our Docs

Learn how to configure and manage your project with Read the Docs.