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We are an open source project providing the tools, knowledge and hosting for some of the world's top teams' documentation.


Technical teams rely on up-to-date documentation and require solid methods and tools to help creating continuous documentation that will improve team efficiency and productivity.

Our mission is to develop those tools and help shape the methods that will make high-quality documentation part of the normal development workflow.


Read the Docs has grown substantially since its beginning as a weekend project and is closing in on being a top-1000 site on the internet.

Today, we serve over 55 million pages of documentation a month, serve over 40 TB of documentation a month, host over 80,000 open source projects and support over 100,000 users


Read the Docs is open source and community supported. It depends on users like you to contribute to development, support, and operations. You can learn more about how to contribute in our docs. Thanks so much to our wonderful community team who helps us run the site. Read the Docs wouldn't be possible without them.

Hosting for the project is graciously provided by AWS.

Who we are

Eric Holscher
Anthony Johnson
Manuel Kaufmann
Santos Gallegos
Benjamin Balder Bach


Contributor Contributor Contributor Contributor Contributor Contributor Contributor Contributor Contributor

We are honored to have several external contributors that have kept with us for a long time and helped us a lot along the way. Here we list just a few but the full list can be found at GitHub.

A heart felt thanks to all of you!

Our blog

This is where we post all the week to week progress updates and announcements.

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Our docs

The docs is where you'll find in-depth documentation about Read the Docs. From "How to" style guides to common usages, troubleshooting and advanced knowledge on how to work with our application, you'll find it all and probably more — because we documentation — in our docs.

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