Read the Docs is the all-in-one solution you're looking for your documentation

Cloudflare Pages is great for hosting SPA (single-page applications) for frontend developers. However, when talking about technical writers and documentation projects, Read the Docs is the perfect solution.

Understand the benefits of deploying your project's documentation to Read the Docs.

Cloudflare Pages logo Read the Docs
Build your site on the cloud
Generate your site's content on the cloud
Deploy previews
Solve style issues before deploying
Page analytics
Understand how people browse your documentation
Redirect users to the right page
Static hosting
Publish any static content
Custom 404 pages
Style 404 pages with context-related information
Documentation tool agnostic
Use the documentation tool your team prefers (Sphinx, MkDocs, Docusaurus, etc)
Custom theme
Style the documentation as you like
Private documention
Give access only to trusted people
Advanced collaboration
Unlimited users
Unlimited builds per month
Trigger as many builds as you need
Multiple versions
Publish multiple versions of your documentation
Serve translated versions of your docs
Always find what you are looking for
Visual diff on deploy previews
Visualize differences directly on the rendered version
Custom "robots.txt"
Improve your SEO by telling bots how to explore your site
Search analytics
Explore what people search for in your docs
Open Source
No lock in and contribute back
Cloudflare Pages logo Read the Docs
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Upgrade your documentation with Read the Docs

version: 2
  os: ubuntu-22.04
    python: "3.11"
    # You can also specify other tool versions:
    # nodejs: "16"

# Build documentation with Mkdocs
   configuration: mkdocs.yml

# Dependencies required to build your docs
   - requirements: requirements.txt
Create an account Sign up with GitHub or your email. Import your project Select your existing Git repositories with a 1-click interface. Add YAML config Copy this example, it probably does what you want 😉 Your docs build on every commit Like magic.

Still not convinced? Try it yourself

Cloudflare Pages is a great product, but it's more thought for deploying SPA (single-page applications) with fewer options for documentation sites. For publishing great documentation without having to build the features yourself, Read the Docs is the all-in-one solution that provides everything you need out of the box!

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