Read the Docs is the all-in-one solution for documentation

GitBook is great. However, it lacks many features we consider essential for technical teams. Read the Docs is the perfect solution for software documentation.

Let's compare it to know what you can expect when deploying your project's documentation to Read the Docs.

GitBook logo Read the Docs
Build your site on the cloud
Generate your site's content on the cloud
Deploy previews
Solve style issues before deploying
Always find what you are looking for
Multiple versions
Publish multiple versions of your documentation
Page analytics
Understand how people browse your documentation
Redirect users to the right page
Serve translated versions of your docs
Private documention
Give access only to trusted people
Preview changes from forked repositories
Visualize edits from external collaborators
Static hosting
Publish any static content
Visual diff on deploy previews
Visualize differences directly on the rendered version
Custom 404 pages
Style 404 pages with context-related information
Custom "robots.txt"
Improve your SEO by telling bots how to explore your site
Search analytics
Explore what people search for in your docs
Open Source
No lock in and contribute back
Documentation tool agnostic
Use the documentation tool your team prefers (Sphinx, MkDocs, Docusaurus, etc)
Custom theme
Style the documentation as you like
GitBook logo Read the Docs
Try it out

Deploy in 5 minutes and see for yourself

version: 2
  os: "ubuntu-22.04"
    nodejs: "18"
    # You can also specify other tool versions:
    # python: "3"
      # "docs/" was created following the Docusaurus tutorial:
      # npx create-docusaurus@latest docs classic
      # Install Docusaurus dependencies
      - cd docs/ && npm install
      # Build the site
      - cd docs/ && npm run build
      # Copy generated files into Read the Docs directory
      - mkdir --parents $READTHEDOCS_OUTPUT/html/
      - cp --recursive docs/build/* $READTHEDOCS_OUTPUT/html/
Create an account Sign up with GitHub or your email. Import your project Select a project from your existing Git repositories. Add YAML config Save this file as .readthedocs.yaml, and update the commands as necessary. Your docs build on every commit Like magic.

Still not convinced? Try it yourself

GitBook is a great product, but gives few options because of their closed source software solution. For publishing great documentation without vendor lock in and features that your readers will love, Read the Docs is the all-in-one solution that provides everything you need out of the box, from analytics to SSO.

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