Docs as code has never been that easy

Treat your documentation in the same way as you treat your code by following the docs as code pattern:

Write documentation using a rich ecosystem of tools (MkDocs, Docusaurus, etc).
Version your documents with Git.
Test your documentation builds correctly.
Preview the changes before publishing.
Automate the publication process.

Read the Docs is the "all in one" solution that helps you to make this process easy providing integrated features with zero effort.

Traffic and search analytics

Explore traffic analytics and understand what are the pages your readers read the most. Prioritize the work to improve them before other pages with less traffic. Find out what are the terms your users search the most and write documentation pages that include those terms so they can easily find them.

Graph showing traffic and search analytics in a period


Clearly communicate readers they are reading an outdated version of the documentation, and reduce support requests from old version of your product.

Notification on a old version

Visual diff on pull requests

Visuallize documentation changes “in situ” from pull requests before merging them. Understand what exacly changed in a simple and visual way.

Visual diff between two versions

Read the Docs flyout

Let your users select between multiple versions and translations of your documentation in a quick way using the flyout menu.

Read the Docs flyout
Try it out

Deploy in 5 minutes and see for yourself

version: 2
  os: "ubuntu-22.04"
    nodejs: "18"
    # You can also specify other tool versions:
    # python: "3"
      # "docs/" was created following the Docusaurus tutorial:
      # npx create-docusaurus@latest docs classic
      # Install Docusaurus dependencies
      - cd docs/ && npm install
      # Build the site
      - cd docs/ && npm run build
      # Copy generated files into Read the Docs directory
      - mkdir --parents $READTHEDOCS_OUTPUT/html/
      - cp --recursive docs/build/* $READTHEDOCS_OUTPUT/html/
Create an account Sign up with GitHub or your email. Import your project Select a project from your existing Git repositories. Add YAML config Save this file as .readthedocs.yaml, and update the commands as necessary. Your docs build on every commit Like magic.

Still not convinced? Try it yourself

Import your existing project or create one following our tutorial, and try it yourself. All these features will be enabled by default when using the build.commands config key as shown in the example.

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